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Meet the Team

Advanced Physio's Newcastle clinic has both male and female physiotherapists who undertake regular ongoing education to ensure that they have high levels of theoretical knowledge as well as great clinical skills. Each physiotherapist has a variety of specialized skills. 

Our Physiotherapists

Cameron Bulluss Practice Principal

cameron1Cameron has been practicing as a Physiotherapist since 1989. He has additional qualifications in musculoskeletal physiotherapy and is a Titled APA Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist.

Out of approximately 16000 Physiotherapists in Australia there are about 800 with this title. It is currently obtained through Masters Qualifications.

Cameron is Chairman of the Australian Physiotherapy Association business chapter.

He is a frequent lecturer to medical groups and medical practices, and was the invited physiotherapy speaker to the Hunter Post-graduate Medical Institute and GP training programs last year and has taught a variety of topics including:

        • Shoulders
        • Feet
        • Knees
        • Osteoarthritis
        • Orthotic prescription

"APA Musculoskeletal Physiotherapists are rightly regarded as experts in their chosen field of physiotherapy. They employ advanced clinical assessment and diagnosis methods, and have been trained in a broader range of treatment techniques than many other health professionals. As a result, APA Musculoskeletal Physiotherapists are world-leaders in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of muscle and joint problems, especially low back and neck pain"from the Australian Physiotherapy Association Website.

His main clinical interests are injuries to the spine and lower limb. 

Brendan Wilson

brendan1Brendan has been part of our team since early 2012. After graduating from the University of Sydney in 2007 with a Class I Honours, Brendan commenced his career in the public sector where he spent 3 years gaining experience in the fields of musculoeskeletal and orthopaedic physiotherapy. During this time he also refined his plastering skills and is able to apply casts of all kinds to immobilise upper limb and lower limb fractures. After travelling abroad for almost two years, Brendan joined our team to pursue his main interest of treating sports, recreational and work related injuries. Brendan also enjoys working with athletes to prevent injury and enhance performance. In 2012 he was the physiotherapy consultant for the Hunter Academy of Sport and in this role conducted a number of squad screenings for various teams.

Brendan is a keen sportsman himself with a particular interest in rugby union and long distance running. He has played in many representative teams and has completed a number of half marathons and a full marathon in 2010. In 2013 Brendan will be studying to complete his Master of Musculoskeletal and Sports Physiotherapy at Griffith University. Brendan is also an active member of the Australian Physiotherapy Association.

Over the last year Brendan has attended a variety of professional development courses including:

    • Occupational Health Physiotherapy Level 1
    • The Sporting Hip
    • Mulligan Concept - Upper Quadrant
    • Spinal Level 1
    • Strength and Conditioning Level 1
    • Barbara Hungerford - Treatment of the Pelvis and Lumbar Spine Level 1 and Level 2
    • Exercise Retraining for Lumbo-Pelvic Stability and Functional Recovery
    • Darren Beales - Pelvis Girdle Pain
    • Kinesio Taping Level 1 and Level 2
    • Musculoskeletal Segment and Dry Needling
    • Sports Level 1

While being able to treat any area of the body, Brendan has a keen interest in spinal pain, pelvic dysfunction and athletic hip pain. Recently he has lectured our team on the assessment and treatment of the lumbo/pelvic-hip complex. Having completed his honours project on ankle sprains Brendan also has an interest in this area of the body and understands the importance of rehabilitating ankle injuries well.

Jaclyn Allen

jaclyn allanJaclyn has been a part of our team since early 2011. She graduated from Newcastle University with honours in 2009. Her thesis on the biomechanics of lifting was published in 2011. Jaclyn has almost completed her Masters in Sports Physiotherapy through La Trobe University. She comes from a competitive sporting background playing representative basketball for NSW country, Newcastle Hunters and the University of Newcastle. She also enjoys netball, touch football, running and grew up waterskiing and wakeboarding.

Jaclyn is the current physiotherapist for the Newcastle Jets Women A-league soccer team. She has also worked with sporting teams such as the Australian Institute of Sport youth soccer team, Newcastle Knights junior team, NSWIS soccer, NSW country basketball championships, NBN soccer clubs (Broadmeadow Magic and Edgeworth Eagles) and Hunter Academy of Sport.

Jaclyn has completed many recent professional development courses such as:

    • Level one sports
    • Level two sports
    • Musculoskeletal segmental and dry needling
    • Lynn Watson Level one shoulder
    • Level one knee
    • Essential foot and ankle
    • Level one Spinal
    • Active Release Technique upper limb
    • Functional strength and conditioning course
    • Shoulder instability and impingement
    • Trisb Wrisby Roth 3D assessment of the Lumbar Spine and pelvis
    • Bounce Back accredited teacher

Whilst Jaclyn enjoys treating all areas she has a special interest in lower limb injuries and biomechanics. Also has a special interest in sporting injuries to children and adolescents.

Jessica Fidler

jessJessica Fidler has been with us since the start of 2013 after graduating from Newcastle University with Distinction. Jess has a background in national and international level swimming, competing in Australian Championships and Olympic and Commonwealth Games trials. Her pet events were the 200m Butterfly and 200m Individual Medley.

In addition, she has over 8 years experience as a qualified professional trainer and gym instructor and continues to train most days of the week herself.

Jess has had experience with the Newcastle Jets Women's A-League Team and the Emerging Newcastle Jets Soccer Team

Jessica has completed the following courses:

        • Certificate III & IV in Personal Training
        • McKenzie Institute - Lumbar Spine course
        • Wayne Rodgers - Functional Strength and Sports Conditioning
        • Sports Physiotherapy Level 1
        • National Continence Foundation Symposium
        • Chronic Pain Management Symposium 2013

Jess has a keen interest in sporting injuries, lower limb rehabilitation, pre-natal and post-natal exercise and working with children. She is happy te treat sport, recreational and work-related injuries. Also has a special interest in sporting injuries to children and adolescents.

Justin Dougherty

justin1Justin has been part of our team since the beginning of 2012 after graduating from the University of Newcastle with honors. Justin brings to our team an extensive sporting knowledge after competing at the Inter-District, State and National level of Soccer, Cricket and Touch Football respectively.

He has recently taken up Triathlons with the goal of completing a half-ironman in 2013. It is no surprise that his main interest lie in the area of Sports Physiotherapy and in the injury prevention and performance enhancement aspects of rehabilitation.

On top of his clinical caseload, Justin is currently the Physiotherapist for the following sporting teams:

        • Newcastle Jets FC National Youth League
        • Lake Macquarie City Football Club - NBN State League
        • Northern NSW U13's Football Club

 Justin has completed additional training by attending courses in the following areas:

    • Dry Needling
    • Strength & Conditioning
    • Cervicogenic Headache
    • Plastering & Casting
    • Discogenic Pain

As well as an interest in sports, Justin also has a keen interest in running biomechanics and the prevention of running injuries. He also has specific interest in the treatment of lower limb injuries and hopes to specialize in this area in the future.

Michael Corrigan Micheal is currently on sabbatical, working with English County Cricket

michael1Michael Corrigan has been with us since the start of 2011.

Michael has a background of first grade cricket in Newcastle, field hockey, tennis and long distance running - having successfully completed 2 marathons.

Michael has wide ranging experience in a number of sports both at the local and elite levels of competition.

Over his career he has worked as team or club Physiotherapist for: 

        • Newcastle District Cricket Association Senior and Colt representative sides
        • Consultant physiotherapist to Hunter Academy of Sport
        • Cardiff-Boolaroo District Cricket Club
        • Edgeworth Eagles Soccer club in NBN State League.
        • Lake Macquarie Dockers Australian Rules Football Club

He also provides services to Freemantle Dockers in the National AFL competition and has lectured on a number of occasions to Hunter Academy of Sport and colleagues on a number of topics including injury prevention in sports and stress fracture prevention.

Michael has a special interest in improving sporting performance through optimizing motor control along with promoting injury prevention. He is certified in the use of dry needling and has completed numerous courses, including orthotics prescription, lumbo/pelvic biomechanics and treatment, the knee joint and Level 1 Sports Physiotherapy. Also has a special interest in sporting injuries to children and adolescents.

Mick Hughes

mikehugues11Mick is a Physiotherapist and Exercise Physiologist, originally from Tamworth, NSW. He completed his Exercise Science degree from ACU (North Sydney) in 2002 and went on to run a personal training business targeting exercise rehabilitation and injury prevention over the next 3 years. He returned to full-time study in 2006 at James Cook University in Townsville and completed the Bachelor of Physiotherapy studies at the end of 2009.

Mick then commenced full-time work in Townsville at a busy sports physiotherapy clinic in January 2010, working for the NQ Cowboys and ARL Kangaroos head physiotherapist Steve Sartoti. In 2010 Mick started doing assistant physiotherapy work with the NQ Cowboys first grade and U20's squads, providing game day physiotherapy services and off-field injury assessment and management to injured players in conjunction with the club doctor. He also became the head physiotherapist for the Central Tigers in the local Townsville & Districts Rugby League competition. These roles continued until the start of 2013 when he moved to Newcastle with his fiancé. This year he has reduced his weekend sporting commitments to focus on a 3 years post-graduate  Masters in Sports Physiotherapy, with the goal to one day in the next 5 years be a full time Physiotherapist with a national sporting club.

Mick  has recently completed courses in:

    • APA Sports 1 (2010) and 2 (2011)
    • APA Spinal (2012)
    • APA Gwen Jull Cervical spine course (2013)
    • APA Thoracic Spine in Sport (2013)
    • SMA Conference, Fremantle (2011)
    • Evening Lecture on Tendinopathy - Dr Ross Cairns (2013)

Peter Enks

peter1Peter has been a part of Advanced Physiotherapy since 2009 after graduating from the University of Newcastle. Hailing originally from Coonabarabran, Peter was a national level middle distance runner in high school and also has a keen interest in soccer and rugby league.

Since graduation, Peter has extended his studies and practice towards advanced sport specific strengthening, running biomechanical analysis and lower limb injuries. Peter has also commenced further studies at the University of Newcastle as a Medical Student.

Peter has a keen passion for assisting clients to not just overcome their injuries, but rather to improve their health and performance for everyday activities through to high level athletic participation.


Sunny Ruba

sunny1Sunny has been part of our team since early 2011. He entered Physiotherapy after studying personal training and remedial massage (for which he holds an Advanced Diploma qualification)

His main clinical interests are the shoulder, neck and back. He has completed the following courses since joining our team:

            • Advanced Accreditation Musculoskeletal Segmental and Dry Needling. - (Upper limb).
            • Advanced Accreditation - Musculoskeletal Segmental and Dry Needling. - (Lower limb).
            • Bounce Back Course and Instructor Accreditation Training
            • Dean Watson- Cervical Spine Segmental Dysfunction in Primary Headache
            • Functional Strength and Sport Conditioning - Wayne Rodgers

He has excellent communication skills and has rapidly become one of our most popular therapist. His second language is Punjabi, and he is happy to see patients from the Indian community.

Preferred booking schedule - Shoulders, Cervical, Thoracic and Lumbar Spine.



Matt Kent

matt1Matthew has been part of our team since early 2012. Matthew has completed a Masters of Clinical Exercise Physiology from Southern Cross University. This training enables him to provide clinically proven exercise and lifestyle modification as additional medicine to a range of chronic conditions such as :

            • Low Back pain
            • Balance problems 
            • Knee/Hip replacement rehabilitation
            • High blood pressure, angina
            • Asthma, emphysema. bronchitis
            • Diabetes
            • Obesity
            • Cancer. MS. Parkinson's , depression

As well as this Matthew is part of our Occupational Health team. He performs pre-employment medical and functional assessments on-site or at our clinic, drug testing, and functional capacity evaluations. Over the last year Matthew has become accredited in a variety of areas including:

    • JobFit assessments
    • Bounce back training
    • Lungs in action facilitation
    • Chronic pain management

Matthew is also dedicated to his sport, representing regionally in basketball as a player, coach and referee.

Ryan Sorensen


    Ryan has been with us since the start of 2012. Ryan has a background of first grade Australian Rules Football in Newcastle both playing and coaching and Athletics. Ryan has wide    ranging experience in a number of sports at both the local and elite levels of competition. Over his career he has worked as team or club Physiotherapist for:

          • Newcastle Jets FC Youth teams
          • NSWIS Soccer teams
          • NSW Northen coast AFL under 13 and 14 sides
          • Warners Bay Ausralian Rules Football club


Ryan has special interest in Occupational Physiotherapy and attends a number of large employers as their onsite Physiotherapist.

          • Ryan has recently completed courses in:
          • Level 1 Headache Treatment course
          • Functional strength and conditioning
          • Level 1 sports physiotherapy
          • Assessment and treatment of the lumbar spine and pelvis
          • Level 1 Occupational Health Physiotherapy

He is certified in the use of dry needling. Ryan has a keen interest in athletic performance and biomechanics, and utilising his skills to obtain optimal outcomes.