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Knee Injury & Rehabilitation

The knee is a complex joint and knee injuries are common, particularly in active people and professional sports people. We work extensively with this type of injury and over the last five years have helped patients recover from more than 2000 different knee injuries.

Knee injuries we successfully treat include:

  • Anterior or posterior cruciate ligament tears (we average approximately 50 of these per annum)
  • Meniscal tears
  • Medial Ligament tears and less commonly lateral ligament tears
  • Patellar dislocations or subluxations
  • Patellofemoral Pain
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Post-operative rehabilitation – we see more that 200 knees each year following surgery and have a gym with equipment specifically targeting knee rehabilitation

Our physiotherapists work closely with several orthopaedic surgeons to ensure an effective rehabilitation. We find that having a supervised program is crucial to a successful outcome.  Access to exercise equipment is vital for this and the patient only clinic gymnasium is a perfect place to do complete rehabilitation. The key to the successful knee injury treatment is early correct diagnosis and correct early treatment. For the convenience of our patients, our physiotherapists can also arrange MRI and X-Rays to assist with diagnosis and treatment.

Treatment programs for knee injuries and recovery are individually prescribed by a therapist who specialises in treatment of knee problems. We work with our patients to develop a realistic program which suits their goals, schedule and budget.

Patient Info:

For patient comfort during a knee injury assessment, please bring the following to your physio appointment

  1. A pair of shorts or loose fitting tracksuit pants
  2. Your usual footware for walking or sport
  3. Imaging REPORTS
  4. Referral forms

For emergencies, a physiotherapist is available for after-hours appointments.

Recent Evidence for Physiotherapy & Exercise

  • In a 2006 study published in the “Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery”, the authors concluded that an exercise-based therapy was as effective as surgery for Patellar Tendinopathy, and that an eccentric training program should be trialed for twelve weeks, before surgery is considered.
  • In a recent study, published in the journal “Physical Therapy”  looked at the effectiveness of a supervised in clinic program which consisted of manual therapy and supervised knee exercises with some home exercises, compared to a home exercise program alone, for the treatment of osteoarthritic knees,  and found superior results with the clinic based program. For this reason Advanced Physio has invested extensively in a state-of-the-art clinic gymnasium.