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Low Back, Back  and Neck Pain

We have successfully managed over 2000 cases of pain from these areas over the last 10 years. Our treatments are based on evidence-based diagnosis and treatment methods

The treatment for back and neck pain can include:

  1. Massages
  2. Support bracing
  3. Joint mobilisation ( which is a gentle  hands-on  treatment designed to improve joint movement)
  4. Postural correction
  5. Ergonomic correction
  6. Corrective Exercises
  7. Strenght and conditioning

Advanced Physio practises evidence-based treatments

Low Back Pain

Clinical practice guidelines (2007) produced from the American Pain Society and the :

  • Acute Low Back Pain - Spinal Manipulation/manual therapy
  • Chronic or Subacute Low Back Pain – intensive interdisciplinary rehabilitation, acupuncture, manual therapy, exercise

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