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Fracture Management

Advanced Physio uses the latest synthetic materials for immobilisation and management of fractures. The material looks and feels a bit like fiberglass and is sometimes referred to as fiberglass casting material, although it is a sophisticated synthetic material. The advantages of this over the traditional gypsona (or plaster) casting is

  1. Synthetic casts are stronger than gypsona
  2. Synthetic casts are lighter than gypsona
  3. Synthetic casts can tolerate water (provided they have a water resistant underlay)

Advanced Physio can cast most fractures including short arm, scaphoid, backslabs, short leg, long arm and long leg casting. Patients require an appointment and can be be arranged within 24hours. The casting procedure takes approximately 30 minutes.


Referral Info Required

Please indicate on the referral the position you would like the patient cast in, when you would like the cast removed and when you wish to review the patient.