Exercise for Women Over 50

Julie, one of our regular clients, told us...

"A month ago, just after turning 55 I felt a pain in my shoulder whilst hitting a boxing mitt in my personal training class.

The same week, mid-cobra in my yoga class I knew if I pushed the pose any further that my back was going to go as well.

I realised that in spite of all of the fitness work I had done over the years my body was no longer coping with the beating I was giving it.

I know fitness is important, but maybe my Physio was right that the benefits of certain high intensity exercise were not worth the risk.”

Julie’s story is typical of many women her age.

Changes in body composition, bones, muscles, joints and tendons make the body more susceptible to injury as we age.

Exercise is critical for the health of women over 50, however they need to adopt an approach suitable for them.

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