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Advanced Physio Patient Privacy Policy

In the course of providing treatment, Advanced Physio collects a range of health and related information about patients that we consider sensitive. The practice has a policy that covers how health information is collected, used, stored, disclosed and accessed.

Advanced Physio only collects information that is necessary to provide a quality heath service. In the course of providing this service, we may disclose information to a patient's treating doctor and other health service providers from whom you are currently receiving treatment. Patients should advise if they do not want their health information provided to these health providers.

In accordance with privacy legislation, patients are entitled to access any information that we hold about them. The practice may charge reasonable costs for the provision of this information and it may take time to prepare files for release.

We release some health and billing information to health insurers, third party insurers and workers compensation authorities in order to meet their requirements for claim assessment and payment. The physiotherapist will discuss the information with the patient and will limit the release as per the patients request. Please note that if a patient requests that we withhold certain information this may have an impact on their insurance claim.

Advanced Physio will only release additional information to other parties including insurance companies, if a patients gives permission to do so. For this practice to release information to a third party, we need to know which records yo patients would like us to release, therefore requests should specify dates where possible.

Our privacy policy applies to all employees. Additionally, from time to time, patient information may be accessed by contractors (e.g if our computer billing system gets upgraded). Whilst access is limited as much as possible, contractors are also bound by the practice privacy policy.

We may contact our patients from time to time regarding current or new services we offer or with information related to physiotherapy that we feel may be beneficial.  Patients not wishing to receive particular types of information can contact us to have their details removed from our contact list.

To ensure that we continue to improve our privacy processes, we would like to encourage our patients to raise any concerns that they may have regarding privacy with the principal physiotherapist in this practice. If a patient is unhappy with the outcome of that discussion or would like further information on the Federal Privacy Act, you are encouraged to contact the Office of the Federal Privacy Commissioner:

Telephone: 1300 363 992
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.