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At our Warners Bay rooms, we have 7 Physiotherapists.

Physiotherapists have studied a science degree which specialises in the use of Physical treatments including exercise, joint manipulation, bracing/taping needling and massage to

  • Increase fitness
  • Restore movement
  • Reduce pain
  • Improve health

The human body is complex and requires a detailed knowledge of anatomy, injury and biomechanics to successfully assess and treat it.

Types of Physiotherapists

The basic Physiotherapy qualification entitles the user to use the term Physiotherapist. If a Physiotherapist is highly qualified in a particular area of practice and has undergone extensive exams to demonstrate this, they are known as Titled Physiotherapists. The total extra study required to achieve titling is around 1500 hours. Approximately 5 % of Physiotherapists in Australia have achieved this title.

There are several variants on the basic Physiotherapy qualification, including Bachelor, Masters and Doctorate. These do not represent extra qualifications, rather reflecting the pathway to achieve the basic qualification.

At Advanced we have 6 titled and 1 non-titled Physiotherapist (who is currently studying titling).

 Meet our team

We have access to state-of-the-art human measurement technology such as the Forceframe, Nordbord, and Humantrack and work closely with local Doctors and Specialists if needed to optimise your care.

Your First Appointment

This will consist of a 30-minute appointment

  • Taking a history
  • Discussing your goals
  • Physical Assessment (if time permits)
  • Ordering or interpretation of imaging, other reports and requests
  • Initial advice or treatment (if time permits)

The human body is complex and it often takes several sessions to formulate a diagnosis, plan and initial steps of your recovery.

Prior to your initial appointment you will have been sent some paperwork to fill out. It is important that this is filled out prior to coming in as it will speed up the assessment process.

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We have access to a brilliant rehabilitation area. This includes an AlterG and Vertimax.


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