Knee Braces

The Reaction Web Brace is designed to reduce the pain from patellofemoral pain (or kneecap pain). Using this brace will make the knee feel more stable and improve pain with activities such as stairclimbing and walking. It will make performing your rehabilitation easier and more effective.

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The X-Act ROM Knee is a comfortable brace that is used in the early stage after injury. These injuries include:

  • Medial ligament
  • Lateral ligament
  • Medial patellofemoral ligament

They also used after surgery to limit knee motion, and are used for example after hamstring and quadriceps tendon repairs.

The 3 Panel Knee Splint or Zimmer Splint is used after some knee surgery including ACL reconstruction. It is useful immediately after other ligament injuries and some fractures including patella fracture as a way to support the leg.

The Tru-Pull Lite is used in cases of patellar maltracking. It can be used after knee dislocation and for patella instability and can help to reduce knee pain and giving way.

Drytex Playmaker 2

The brace is used for mild to moderate ligament instabilities and is especially useful in returning someone to earlier activity after ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) surgery.


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