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Alter G the World's best Anti-gravity treadmill

Elevate your recovery and quality of life with AlterG

If you want to improve your sports performance or you’ve forgotten what it’s like to walk or run without pain or the fear of falling, an AlterG® Anti-Gravity Treadmill® will help you experience a level of freedom you may not have thought possible. Whether you want to get back to life as quickly as possible after orthopedic injury or surgery, or you want to gain strength and endurance while managing a neurological condition, chronic disease, or obesity – AlterG can give you new power to achieve your goals.

The Alter G can be used in the management of

  • stress fractures,
  • knee injuries,
  • ACL Injuries
  • knee replacement and hip replacement rehabilitation
  • Back pain 
  • Ankle strains
  • Running injuries
  • Knee replacement and rehabilitation
  • Hip replacement and rehabilitation

It is a fantastic tool for athletes who can use it to increase the training loads without increasing the risk of injury and for those who are recovering from injury but want to maintain as much physical fitness as possible. It’s widely used in the USA and every Australian AFL team and nearly every NRL team has one site.

There are only two of these in Newcastle and Lake Macquarie and Advanced Physiotherapy has the most advanced version in our region with a built-in LCD screen which gives you data on step length, running speed, weight distribution and information via a built-in camera where you can see feet landing on the screen. The alter G will be available to patients with in their sessions with the physiotherapists and exercise physiologists. It will be also available on a higher basis in 30 minute blocks the people who want to use it independently. Independent users will need approval from the physio or exercise physiologist, and enough instruction to use it safely.


5 x 30 min sessions - $125

10 x 30 min sessions - $220

20 x 30 min sessions - $395

40 x 30 min sessions - $695

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