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Basic Knee Exercises

Quadriceps Sets

Tighten your thigh muscle. Try to straighten your knee.10

Straight Leg Raises

Tighten the thigh muscle with your knee fully straightened on the bed, as with the Quadriceps set. Lift your leg several inches.

You also can perform this exercise while sitting. Fully tighten your thigh muscle and hold your knee fully straightened with your leg unsupported. Repeat as above,

leg raises

Ankle Pumps

Move your foot up and down rhythmically by contracting the calf and shin muscles. Perform this exercise periodically for two to three minutes every hour until advised to cease.

Knee Straightening Exercises

Place a small rolled towel just above your heel so that it is not touching the bed. Tighten your thigh. Try to fully straighten your knee and to touch the back of your knee to the bed.

Bed-Supported Knee Bends

Bend your knee as much as possible while sliding your foot on the bed.

Sitting Supported Knee Bends

While sitting at bedside or in a chair with your thigh supported, place your foot behind the heel of your operated knee for support. Slowly bend your knee as far as you can. Hold your knee in this position for several seconds. Repeat several times until your leg feels fatigued or until you can completely bend your knee.

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