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Does Cold Weather Make Arthritis Worse?

Some patients swear that they can predict the weather from the behaviour of their arthritic joints or they complain the joints get worse in winter. What is the truth?

Well in spite of extensive studies we still are not sure.


One theory is that the fluid in the joint called synovial fluid becomes more viscous when it is cold leading to stiff joints. Another theory suggests that pressure changes in the atmosphere can cause the joint to misbehave. A third theory suggests that when we are cold our nervous system ramps up certain functions to keep us warmer, and this affects nerve conduction. A fourth theory suggests that we are less active in winter and this makes arthritis pain worse. A final theory is that some of us are simply grumpier in winter, and mood will affect pain perception.


Whatever the reason your best bet with arthritis is to keep sensibly active. For the over 60s we run “get active classes” in our comfortable clinic gym under the supervision of 2 qualified exercise physiologists. Matt and Nicole have a special interest in helping arthritic clients. If you want to join one of these classes make a booking with reception for a 1:1 session with Matt or Nicole to discuss your needs.

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