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How People in Their 60s Enjoy the Same Exercise Class as People in Their 20s!

The answer is Pilates classes at Advanced Physiotherapy. Consistent with our philosophy of giving every client elite-athlete-level attention, Pilates is an exercise method first developed as training and rehabilitation for dancers in the performing arts

Dating back to the 1920s, it has developed and matured into a training technique standing shoulder to shoulder with other classic schools of exercise. One of the chief advantages in Pilates is that each participant can adjust the intensity level individually. Everyone can be in the same class, doing the same thing, but at their own intensity levels.

As one might imagine with an exercise program first developed for dancers, Pilates is great for leaving participants fitter, leaner, and longer with more energy and a clearer mind. As exercise goes, Pilates is low-impact and non-sweaty. It draws from yoga, martial arts, dance, and gymnastics. Where conventional exercise programs tend to isolate muscles and use repetitive motions, Pilates takes a more holistic approach to movement. Correct execution incorporates the six fundamental principles: concentration, control, centering, flowing movement, precision, and breathing. Pilates exercise training increases body awareness with less ground impact and joint stress.

Such a program obviously benefits someone young enough for the performing arts, but is it right for older adults too? The research says “yes.”  Researchers from the University of Podova in Italy performed a systematic review of the scientific literature studying Pilates and participants age 60 to 80. They found that Pilates had a large effect on strength, walking, activities of daily living, mood, and quality of life!

Ready for a fun exercise method you can use for life? Check out our Pilates classes



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