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Relaxation Techniques for during Pregnancy and Labour

The following can be extremely useful for helping to calm your mind and body during those stressful and tiring times during pregnancy and birth:

1.    Positioning and Rest
·        Adopt comfortable positions as much as possibly
·        Change positions to relax and reduce pressure on tired muscles
·        Rest if you can for 1-2 hours during the day.
·        Remember to do ‘little bits’ often.

2.    Massage
·         Massaging sore and tired muscles helps to relax them
·         Especially useful over the lower back, upper back and over the shoulders.
·        Self-massage can also be achieved with a roller or ball, alternatively you can get your partner to do it for you.

3.    Position Thinking
·        Be optimistic about meeting your baby face-to-face and know that what you are/have been enduring is essential in the amazing process of creating a life.

4.    Pain Relief
·        Can be in many different forms – medication as directed by your doctor, heat, massage, relaxation, positioning and rest.

5.    Warmth
·        A warm shower or bath will always feel comforting.
·        Heat packs over the neck or lower back can help relax certain tense muscles.

6.    Encouragement and Reassurance
·        It’s always good to hear ‘you are doing well’ and other words of encouragement from family and friends.

7.    Education
·        Knowing what to expect reduces fear levels and therefore pain levels. Do some research and talk to people you know you can trust
·        Knowing who to ask for help is always reassuring

8.    Relaxation
·        Listen to music
·        Stretching or do some light yoga
·        Meditation
·        Aromatherapy
·        Go for a walk outside in the fresh air


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