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Use of Braces in the Treatment of Knee Pain

Common questions we are asked about knee braces

Question: Do knee braces work?


Sometimes. It depends on the problem and whether you get the correct brace. The incorrect brace is a total waste of money and can even cause problems elsewhere. The correct brace may be essential for the healing of some injuries such as the medial ligament of the knee.

Question:  Where is the best place to buy these?


A Physiotherapist, who needs to assess your knee prior to supplying a brace. See above for reasons to get this correct.

Question:  Is bracing all that I need?


Probably not. Braces can be used to protect healing structures or reduce pain but should not be a stand-alone measure. Exercises, biomechanical correction, and sometimes surgery are required for the best result.

Checkout this link to our braces page, we have these in stock and can order other speciality braces if necessary.


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