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Why We are Different


The Advanced Physio Story

Why we are different

We are the largest clinic in Newcastle. You will be booked in with someone with specific expertise. Over 18 000 different conditions treated – experience counts.

We have a full-size rehab facility We offer gym memberships to keep you well once you have recovered.

We are the best qualified team in town. 4 of our team members have additional qualifications, (known as titled physios) from over 1500 hours of extra study. They are available for 1:1 consultations. They supervise their colleagues, ensuring better clinical standards.

95% of our clients would refer their family and friends. (based on our May 2020, patient satisfaction survey).

We can see you within 24 hours of booking. Rapid response means better outcomes.

Our values

  1. Client focus: We understand our client's needs, we aim to improve our client's lives.
  2. Staff focus: Senior people develop the people that they work with. Team members are here to support each other.
  3. Quality: We are not aiming to be the biggest, simply the best. I want to provide clinical quality with quality people. 
  4. Continual learning: We have a responsibility to our community to be up to date with the current ideas. All professionals need to work towards Masters levels qualifications. 

What you can expect from us:

  1. Punctuality. We attempt to run on time and allow plenty of time for your appointment. This is helped if you arrive for your appointment 5 minutes early.
  2. Plain english communication. We use handouts, videos and if you have provided us with an email address, a booklet which should have information about your condition. If you don’t want this emailed to you please ask for a hard copy of this from your therapist or reception.
  3. Care centred around your needs. You are here to solve your problem, and we will involve you in the decision making, and where possible give you different options, and budgets.
  4. Peer review. We constantly exchange information between each other. No-one can know everything and we will often ask opinions from each other. Sometimes a second person will join your session to give an opinion. Remember 2 heads are often better than one.
  5. Therapist of your choice. We understand that sometimes you may want to change therapist. If you want to do this, simply ask at reception, who will arrange this for you.
  6. Different fee options. Our fees vary between practitioners due to differing levels of experience and qualifications. If your budget is an issue, we can still offer you a great therapist at a lower price. 

What We Do:

Our Physiotherapy team manages sports injuries and orthopaedic rehabilitation including tendon injuries, surgery and osteoarthritis. We fit and supply a variety of orthotics and braces. We also have a special interest in children’s sports injury treatment and prevention. Several of our Physiotherapy team have had experience at international or national sport (Matildas, Jets, Auckland Cricket).

We help you recover quicker and perform better by providing Newcastle / Lake Macquarie's finest rehabilitation facility and using over 60 years of combined experience in elite sport physiotherapy, post-operative rehabilitation and exercise science.

We have treated over 50,000 different conditions since 2000. Several of our team members have additional qualifications, and are known as Titled Physiotherapists having completed over 1000 hours of additional study. 



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