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Breast Cancer Exercise

Breast Cancer is one of the most commonly diagnosed cancer in women.1 Survival rate has increased as a result of advancement in diagnosis and treatment, with a five-year survival rate of 91% in Australia.[2] Women are living longer after their cancer diagnosis, but are faced with many long-term side effects of the disease and associated treatment.[3]


Barriers to Osteoarthritis Management

Despite relative uniformity in clinical guidelines, the care Australians receive for osteoarthritis is variable and often divergent from the guidelines, according to Martin Basedow (University of South Australia) and his research team.


Fall Prevention Rehab Is it Cost-Effective

In New South Wales, fall injury deaths are on the rise. Compared to 2001, fallrelated mortality among people age 65+ is up 72%.1 In addition to the personal toll these injuries levy on our patients, they create significant medical expenses


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